Building a home, starting a family, laying the foundation of our lives. These are all things most of us dream about. We are the trustworthy construction company in Valley Stream, NY that has got you covered when you want to create the home of your dreams.

The Services We Offer

LGD Construction gives you the chance to completely renovate your company and transform it at any given time to match your desired look and functions. Our expertise includes roofing, siding, kitchen, bathroom & basement remodeling, windows & doors installation, and any type of residential and commercial construction works of that kind.

It’s What We Do Best

The professional house construction industry is very dynamic and competitive. You’ve got to have a wide skill set and excel at many things at a time. Not just that. You have to be a good listener. What the client wants is ultimately what the project should reflect. To top all of this, you need to be good at preparing the necessary documents and to know the process very well. We’re well-versed in all these areas.

The Professionals You Can Trust

Whether you are looking for an affordable basement construction or a full home renovation in Valley Stream, NY, choosing us is a great idea! Fully trusting us with your property will make the process a breeze for you. We know the budget is a big constraint for many people. We work with whatever amount you can afford and make the most of it.

When you are ready to sign a contract with a reputable and reliable house builder, all you need to do is give LGD Construction a call!